Purple Rain, Politics & The People

It was a rather sunny start on Thursday morning in the nation\’s capitol, however once the noon hour approached it felt like the universe had shift and the clouds would surface only to follow the news Prince Rogers Nelson has passed away.  In that very moment the world felt bamboozled since the radical man had passed away.  Many media outlets reported that Prince had been experiencing flu-like symptoms, however he hosted a dance party at Paisley Park telling attendees \”wait a few days before you waste any prayers\” according to the newspaper.  Prince later did a pop-up concert in Atlanta apologizing to the audience for canceling due to being a little under the weather.  Little did the audience and the world know that would be the last time Prince would perform \”Purple Rain\”.

While most twelve-year-old kids today are enthralled with the latest Grand Theft Auto, Prince knew he was destined to be great and at twelve he learned that he wanted to be a musician from Minneapolis.  \”Soft & Wet\” was the sound which introduced Prince Rogers Nelson to the world, however he had already gained local celebrity in his hometown, and the rest of the world was getting ready to witness greatness.  Not being able to play his dad\’s piano, Prince eventually taught himself how to play.  His dad felt that he needed to be great to touch his piano keys, and one day Prince would play the piano in key along with other instruments.

During his 2009 interview with Tavis Smiley, Prince revealed that he often times looked up to boxing champion Jack Johnson, because he too had to deal with seaming insurmountable odds at all times, so he could relate.  Later on Prince found himself at odds with his then record label Warner Brothers.

Prince Roger Nelson\’s unforgivable blackness was often perceived as difficult by main-stream media with labeling him \”The Artist\” because they could not identify with his symbol signifying his growth over time, always morphed female and male symbol together.  What was most difficult was that Prince could not understand his creations belonging to someone else, so he often re-recorded for new masters such as hits like \”Purple Rain.\”  Prince was at odds with his former record label not due to creative issues in fact they gave him a wide palette to put color too, and after searching deep within Prince found he had more of a spiritual well-being over fame. His flamboyant fashions were simply a cover up for being teased growing up, however he found out at an early age he had to do for himself, and his strict disciplinary upbringing taught him the difference of right and wrong.

It was his understanding of right and wrong which would shape his music.  He learned from Miles Davis that space is sound too, and BASE is respecting one another as musicians. Stevie Wonder was one of his role models because of the way he crafted music, connecting to the spirit and he could play all the instruments as well.  During his one-on-one interview with Larry King in 1999 when asked what inspires him he said \”dependent on God, inspired by God, and you either answer the call or suffer the consequences.\”  Despite being signed to a record label, and creating original sound, Prince did not fancy his music being in a particular category since inspiration is being guided by something more clear.  As he grew, he started to learn and get smarter creating Paisely Park Studios where most of his hits songs were recorded along with videos.

With an optimistic outlook on life Prince said \”I don\’t worry about too much anyway\” and that he doesn\’t look back, however he did want Purple Rain to chronicle the life he was living at that time era with great talent, and rivals, and the idea with art and inspiration moving forward.  Once you have been stripped of ownership you become a Slave, and Prince wanted his label to understand how he felt so he entered the label meetings with \”SLAVE\” on his face, however it was business as usual for the label nonetheless, Prince didn\’t trust contracts because they were not based on truth with his music ultimately speaking for him.  Longing for balance, truth, and justice Prince lived in Spain and Minneapolis.  He made it clear that he lives in the world, but not of it and the business in Spain shut down at two until five for people to gather their senses, regroup, and think about life, he often wished America could adopt this idea of taking time to gather your thoughts and regroup.

Although some of the melodies and sounds reflected the injustices in the world due to his religious views Prince did not vote, however he did say that President Obama seems like he means well, furthermore he wants no dog in that race.  Unfortunately, the Presidential race has upgraded to a pony show with all the candidates heads between their tails resulting in many American\’s having to make a tough decision.  Prince was a Jehovah\’s witness in which he believed that Prophecy is what holds true, and if numbers don\’t lie than the day of his death four-twenty one- two thousand sixteen revealed that his time on the universe was complete, leaving us endless and timeless classics for years to come.

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