The Promotion of Obesity?

   I’m under the impression that people truly think that if obese people aren’t shown in media, they’ll simply disappear. Every time a plus size woman comes to the forefront of pop culture, the same comments seem to resurface. “We shouldn’t be promoting obesity.” “There’s no way she’s healthy.” “Why should I have to watch my weight if this fat cow can become a model?” Unfortunately, these are all real things that trolls write in the comment sections of social media posts. Aside from women almost always having to bear the brunt of this vitriol from pieces of garbage we call humans, there’s a bigger issue at hand.

   Can we stop this “we’re promoting obesity” nonsense? There will always be obese people that deserve to see their reflections in the media. That is not the same as promotion. If an Internet troll ever actually bothered to read an article, these women are almost always talking about their journey to self-love and confidence. That is something anyone can relate to. Considering the thousands of articles in magazines with losing weight quick schemes, it seems even more appropriate to show that not all fat women hate their bodies. I doubt there is anyone in the world who will see one plus size woman and decide to go from a size 6 to size 26. Even if that does happen, they will know their self-worth isn’t just dependent on the size of their clothing or a number on a scale.

   At the end of the day, plus size women, myself included, are unapologetically taking our rightful space on the Earth both literally and figuratively. Everyone may not like it, but we will demand the respect we deserve by any means necessary. We aren’t hiding in the shadows anymore. We’re building brands, leading movies and TV shows, creating art, and so much more. I’d still like to see more plus size WOC and different plus size women on magazine covers. However, we’re still moving in the right direction. At this point, if you don’t like it, too bad. Mind your own business because we will continue to be great! Better yet, take model Tess Holliday’s advice and “don’t worry about my fat ass.”


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