Redskins Scrimmage Scuffle

   A few days ago the Washington Redskins had a joint practice with the New York Jets. During the scrimmage, tempers started to flare and both teams broke out, and started fighting. This isn’t too much of a coincidence considering that Tyrelle Pryor Sr. who was a former wide receiver for the Redskins now plays for the Jets. In my past articles, I talked about how the evolution of technology and sports have plenty of ups and some downs as well. Of course, when this fight broke out somebody was right there recording it all on camera along with plenty of press, capturing the action for their news sources.
   Now when this news broke out, there were plenty of mixed reactions to the fight. Some people are saying this is bad for the sport and it\’s very dangerous because it might spill out into the crowd. However, others are saying that this is good for the sport and shows that these players really care about their craft.
   But, before I get into how I feel about this situation if this type of occurrence happened in the past, we more likely wouldn’t even know about it. Taking into account how everybody has cell phones, they can share their opinions on social media and speak out on the matter. To me, this is a major downside of technology considering people can voice their opinions even if what they are saying is inaccurate.
   In my eyes, I don’t really care too much about a little scuffle, especially in practice. These types of things happen especially in a sport that has as much contact as football. In my opinion, this just shows how much of a difference the Redskins are trying to make this year and they just won’t let anybody come on their turf and walk over them.
   This was refreshing to see as a Skins fan. Keeping in mind how half back Derrius Guice went down in the first preseason game, and how devastating of a blow that was to the running game they were planning on having, and to the team in general. This shows me that regardless of who they lose to they are still willing to fight for themselves and will always maintain that hard nose type of attitude that I love. I hope they can harvest this energy and keep it going into the regular season and manifest it into some wins and improve from last season looking past those injuries that took place in the first preseason game.

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