Reform, rhymes and reasons for change in the criminal justice system

Many celebrities have made an effort to fight for reforming the criminal justice system in America, as it relates to harsher penalties for African Americans.  Move over Kim Kardashian, the Dream Chasers are back on the scene, and Meek Mill is ready to fight for to reform the criminal justice system.  Platinum rap artist Meek Mill is on a mission with a plan to push for changing the terms of probation upon release from prison.

Recently, Representative Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08) held a forum panel discussion on \”Music, Criminal Justice and Racial Equality,\” featuring rap artist Meek Mill, Jeffrey Harteston, Michelle R. Scott, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and moderated by Van Jones.  The purpose of the panel is to explore the complexities, illuminate the supportive influence of modernday musicians on activism, and discuss ways that artist can produce popular and politically engaged music.


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