Reporting in the Era of Trump requires fair and balanced news

   The days of traditional television news-station style reporting has since faded to bars and tones.  Furthermore, it is transitioning into a new stream; digital news media.  Much more innovative in its appeal and approach, readily accessible, along with variety, digital news content has changed the game dynamically, with a drastic impact on the industry.  Without having to search further, the shift is evident from ad revenue generated by traditional news stations to currently being divided among multiple content providers for platforms such as YouTube.

   Journalism in America has turned from the traditional television to a more advanced and accessible smartphone.  The advancements have allowed networks to deliver news at a 3G speed or a 5G speed.  However, since these industry advances, much jolting and gibberish have become the subtle standard for journalists without any regard for morals or ethical standards.  What\’s fair and balanced news during the Trump Administration?  I suppose it all lies in the byline.  The best practices are to avoid bias, liable, defamation, slander, malicious intent, and always have credible sources; they help combat \”fake news.\”

   In the event you\’re short of a lead for an original beat, consider President Donald Trump\’s tweets for some thought on an angle.  But be sure to always conduct your research.  These are just some helpful tips to avoid falling into the category of \”fake news,\” during reporting in an era of Trump.  Moreover, click the video to learn about \”Black Journalist Reporting: Our Experience in the Era of Trump.\”  A panel discussion presented by Rep. Clarke for Congress featuring White House Correspondent April Ryan,  and many more.

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