Representation for Plus Sizes Needs Improvement

Representation for Us Fat Girls Should be Better!

I love the “plus size” movement going on right now. I love seeing women of all shapes and sizes confident in their bodies and I love seeing brands starting to cater to these women. One problem I do have, however, is the lack of representation in the media. Specifically, the lack of plus sizes in stores, as well as the similarities between most plus size models. Plus size models almost always have large breasts, a small waist, and large hips/butt, and they are never bigger than a size 14. While these women are beautiful, the trend is non-inclusive.

Representation Means All Shapes and Sizes

What about women with smaller breasts and larger hips and thighs? What about women with larger arms and bellies? A company can’t claim to be a plus size brand and only have one body type in the ads. They also can’t blame the lack of models for that either. Women on YouTube create videos for all women to see how clothes fit on different body types (my favorites are Edyn Jacks, Sometimes Glam, Sarah Rae Vargas, and LaceNLeopard). The beauty industry uses YouTube “influencers” to sell their products, so why isn’t the fashion industry tapping into that talent as well? Forever 21 is doing something amazing by starting to put real women’s Instagram pictures on their website.

Calling Out All Brands

With that said, I’m calling out the brands I think need to improve their representation. This doesn’t mean they are the only guilty parties, but these are the ones I notice while shopping. I hope brands will see all shapes and sizes deserve representation. Here goes nothing:

  • Boohoo, ASOS Curve, Missguided: Please add more models with different body types.
  • Torrid: I love how you include tall and short sizes and the quality of your products are unmatched BUT if you sell clothing up to a size 30, include a size 30 model on your website. Things look differently on size 30 compared to size 16.
  • Fashion to Figure: Please include your #FTFSNAPS on your website, I love that!
  • H&M: Your plus size is neither flattering nor cute. For your straight sizes to be so trendy, I’m confused as to why there is such a disconnect from the plus section.   
  • Fashion Nova: Your plus size model is not plus size. Unless plus size is a size 2 with hip padding. Also, sizing is way off, even for a junior plus brand. DO BETTER!


ZARA, EXPRESS, Victoria’s Secret (and whomever else it concerns):

What are you waiting for? Extend your sizes, already!


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