Romello Goodman – Candidate for ANC 5D06 Commissioner


   My name is Romello Goodman and I am a candidate for ANC 5D06. I am a Web Application Developer and moved to DC 2 years ago from Southern California where I grew up. I am running for ANC because I want to ensure that our city is a place for both new and longtime residents. In Ward 5, much like other parts of the city, rising cost of living is beginning to push people out in favor of newer residents.


   I believe that the Mayor and City Council Members can reach their development goals without pushing out long-term residents and I would work to ensure this. As your ANC, I will work to make sure that development is not a \”winner take all\” game and that everyone can benefit because, after all, I am running to support all local neighborhood residents. As your ANC, I will use my technical skills to ensure full transparency and rapid responses in communication between the community and my fellow commissioners.

To learn more about me and my policies you can visit my website at
Thank you again for the opportunity.
– Romello Goodman

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