Rooting DC Is Building Healthy Communities

Do you recall the first time eating your fruits and vegetables?  Or even better, do you remember the first seed that sprouted in a styrofoam cup in your science class? Sure you remember the first time you tasted some fresh collard greens, kale, spinach or squash.  What about the time you received your first rose?  Moreover, many are unaware of the process or ingredients involved with providing those fresh collards greens, kale, or spinach or the dozen of roses.  Luckily, Rooting DC understands the importance of building healthy communities, by hosting a free all-day gardening forum that aims to provide education about urban food production, gardening, and food equity with the purpose of cultivating the health of our community and environment.

The love and enjoyment for agriculture in the District is evident.  With over 700 people in attendance at Rooting DC on Saturday, February 23, there is no denying the delight for agriculture.  Rooting DC was packed with much nutritional information, workshops, seed giveaways, sample foods, and a very strong building of an urban agriculture community.  The event was held at Ron Brown College Preparatory High School.

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