Sagging is the hip thing to do amongst the youth today. Hanging their pants below their buttocks and walking with a sway that looks like a baby that has messed in its pamper. Revealing their underwear, and for the most part, not wearing a belt is very unpopular to adults across the country. I personally totally disagree with it. I despise seeing it, but I employ all adults above the age of 35 to think about the crazy things we wore thinking it was fashionable at the time.

Of course we weren’t revealing our undergarments, but I do recall a brief moment when halter tops were worn without a bra in the 80’s. I also notice today that some women wear leggings that are see-through with nothing under it. We should allow the youths a chance to grow up at their own pace like we did. They’ll look back on their pictures and realize how foolish they look with their pants sagging while complaining to their children about their crazy fashion.


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