SavagexFenty: The \’Rih-do\’

Black Friday shopping is one of the highlights of my year. It’s the only time when I know for a fact I’m getting the best deals possible. One company that had a great Black Friday sale was SavagexFenty by Rihanna. I did a review on Savage X during its initial launch. I was still interested in their potential, especially after their show-stopping NYFW. They’ve had several releases since the show. This time around, I finally put my money where my mouth is and made a purchase. I got something from almost every category on the website. The shipping process was very quick. I received everything in about two weeks and the packaging is to die for! The pink and lilac box with rose gold lettering is truly exquisite. After the unboxing, I spent about 45 minutes trying on every piece. Below is my “Rih-view” of the items!    
Lingerie: I purchased 2 babydoll nighties, a slip, and both the maxi and mini robe. The maxi robe is fantastic!! It’s definitely a piece that was made to be worn with heels, which means it’s tall girl friendly! It feels so luxurious to the touch and the quality is amazing. The babydoll with the feathers was the weakest from this group. This was one of the items from the original launch that I knew I probably wouldn’t like. However, it does have some extraness that I’m sure I’ll learn to appreciate. The other babydoll and the slip were very comfy.  
Panties: I love the underwear. I can’t say enough good things about the undies. The fabric has the perfect amount of stretch and recovery. They almost feel like a more comfortable Spanx, especially the high waisted brief. Also, each pair I purchased was seamless! The fabric has a slight sheen to it that makes it feel all the more luxurious. A huge reason I stopped shopping at Victoria’s Secret is because of how disgusting the quality of their underwear became. They aren’t even using stretchy fabric anymore. SavagexFenty definitely outdid themselves with these.
Bras/Bralettes: I bought the unlined lace bra, two bralettes, and the t-shirt bra. I’ve never been a fan of T-shirt bras, so I don’t know what possessed me to buy one. To nobody’s surprise, it’s my least favorite thing in the entire purchase. The bralettes are very nice quality. I wish I’d sized up, but they still fit nicely. I absolutely adore the unlined bra! The nude shade is spot on. Even better, there is one shade in between mine and black, so even darker chocolate ladies have a nude to call their own!  
Overall, I was pleased with my purchase. The quality of most of the items were impeccable. I will definitely shop Savage X again. My only gripe is the same one I had before. There are several pieces that are made only for the straight sizes that could easily be extended into the plus rage. Fortunately for me, I could still fit the XL pieces I purchased, but my heart still went out to anyone larger than me. Some of us fat girls want to wear edgier pieces. Instead we’re stuck with the frilly, “flattering” stuff. Flattering might be a code word for “frumpy” because I never see it paired with the word “sexy”. Ever. Anyway, if you are planning to shop SavagexFenty, don’t miss out on the maxi robe, bras, and the panties! Seriously. If you take nothing else away from this post, BUY THE PANTIES!

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