Searching for Positivity Amongst Chaos

In addition to being a time suck, social media can be a dark hole of misery. The sudden death of Nipsey Hussle inspired me to do a social media detox. Celebrity deaths typically don’t hit me the way Nipsey’s did. Largely because he was doing so much good for his community. He seemed like a person that exuded so much positivity that it was impossible for him to have enemies that wanted him dead. I quickly realized that I was not going to be able to process that with the negative Nancy that is social media. During my detox, I did start to wonder who are the safe spaces that had the same positive essence Nipsey had.

There is an immense need for more positivity across all social media platforms. It is so unfortunate that the troll and the clapback are what reign supreme online. Pages like TheShadeRoom and BallerAlert make it a priority to spread gossip to millions. Praising the clapback only breeds more trolls. Focusing on the bad things will create more misery. As a result, I want to do my part in spreading positivity when I can. For me, that meant blocking gossip sites. I made it my mission to clean up my social media act and to encourage others to do the same.   

These are the accounts I turn to when I need a little extra motivation and positivity in my life:








Let these people inspire you to carry on Nipsey’s mission. Even though he’s gone, the marathon continues.

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