Sorry Bill

Today, no less than 2 hours after he was classified a sexually violent predator, Bill Cosby has been sentenced to no less than 3-10 years in prison after being convicted for raping an employee at Temple University back in 2004. He was convicted by a Pennsylvania judge in Norristown which throws me off a little bit. I only say this because if you didn’t know, Pennsylvania doesn’t have the most trusted judges especially in recent history; after seeing what rap artist Meek Mill went through with his judge, Judge Brinkley in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Judge Brinkley wanted to make sure that Meek Mill knew that nobody was above the law no matter who you were and what you did. In doing this she sentenced him to 2-4 years in prison just for riding a dirt bike. Now after this whole debacle Meek was eventually let free. Seeing that the time was unjust for the offense that was committed, and seeing as to how there wasn’t enough evidence to stick, there really was no other option. Now I am not saying that Bill Cosby is innocent. As we all know the whole dilemma he went through a few years ago with 60 plus accusers of sexual misconduct obviously there was enough evidence to put Bill away for a very long time.

Still though, the judge in Bill’s case (Steve O’Neill) had a very similar message that Judge Brinkley had with Meek Mill. Stating “No one is above the law”. Furthermore, adding that “No matter their wealth, fame, celebrity, or even philanthropy.\” I’m just saying, I can’t be the only one seeing these similarities, but ounce again let me reiterate that I am not saying that Bill Cosby is innocent. I am only saying that before we toss this man in prison let’s be sure to read through all the facts and if so then do it because he is guilty not to prove a point.

To me personally, Bill Cosby is an icon and I am almost positive that he had some type of influence on you growing up because I am sure they don’t give the title of America’s dad to anybody. As I digress, after letting Bill know he wouldn’t be receiving any special attention, Judge O’neill told Cosby and his lawyers “no probation, no limited confinement” meaning things such as house arrest. Ending the court session by stating “This is a court of law and I plan to sentence you under the law”.

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