Southpaw Movie Review

\"BoxingGloves\"Recently ,over my vacation to Miami, I went to the movie theater to watch a film. I chose the movie Southpaw. The movie starts out with a champion boxer on top of the world. He has a beautiful wife and one daughter who he grinds for in life. I really liked the film because it kept me on my toes with the unexpected turns and twists in the movie. I was really impressed by the way Jake Gyllenhaal pulled off his role as the champion fighter throughout the film. He was very unpredictable with his character not knowing what to expect next out of him.

Another great actor in this film was Forest Whitaker who helped display guidance and knowledge for the struggling father. We all know how good of an actor he is and this is just another brilliant performance to add to his career.

So, throughout the course of the movie the goal is to get his life back on track and fight to get his daughter back. Jake\’s daughter, Oona Laurence, just did a phenomenal job with her role in this movie. For a young actress at the age of only thirteen, she did a wonderful job in the film. I personally thought the movie was a great film and it showed the hoops a parent is willing to jump through for their child.

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