Start Your Summer at the Beach

School is out and what better way to start your Summer than at the beach!

Summer Destinations

The beach is the perfect destination for family travel, single travel, or couples, so it\’s an all-inclusive experience.  Whether or not you want to bring sand to the beach is your call, but the bus is the best way to beach.  The bus is the most cost effective method when getting to the beach and megabus has great deals.  For less than $60 bucks you can get to the beach from DC and the most expensive expense is patience.  The added bonus is that megabus recently added the Virginia Beach route to its roster.

Change in Celebration Plans

I recently celebrated my birthday at the beach, but initially the plan was Cuba.  However, it changed but hasn\’t been cancelled. Considering cost, and a few changes, Virginia Beach was a beautiful experience, especially for my first time.  A fresh start to the summer!


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