Statement from Councilmember McDuffie

19Jul 2019 by nolanward5

Washington, D.C. — Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie released the following statement in response to a story published in this morning’s Washington Post:
“Yesterday, I was contacted by a Washington Post reporter regarding a document which he stated list Keith McDuffie as the chief executive of Potomac Supply Company (the company).
As I stated to the reporter yesterday and during a prior conversation on June 28, Keith McDuffie is my cousin, and I have known Okera Stewart for many years.
While there is apparently a single document that all parties involved have stated was produced in error, there are official documents which clearly establish that Okera Stewart owns the company. Moreover, I did not know of any document connecting Keith McDuffie to the sports gaming contract as chief executive or otherwise prior to being contacted by the Washington Post, and to date, I have no information that Keith McDuffie is either the chief executive or an agent of Potomac Supply Company, or that he will benefit in any way from the contract.\”
Plainly, I was in no way influenced to cast a vote on the sports gaming contract in a manner other than what I believed to be in the best interests of the District of Columbia and its residents.”

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