Steelers Meltdown

This year’s offseason for the National Football League has been quite hectic to say the least. Mainly, the majority of the drama stemmed from the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise. This team has been having trouble keeping their most talented players happy in this environment. This all started after the major holdout by star running back Le’veon Bell not wanting to commit to the team unless they decided to franchise tag him. Obviously, the franchise conclusively decided to move on and play James Connor at the halfback position. This problem was never really swept under the rug seeing as how the team made the postseason almost every time the big three of Ben, Brown, and Bell. This being the first year since they split up the team, went 9-6 and finished second in their division under the Ravens.

The drama didn\’t end after the regular season when Antonio Brown declared that he didn’t want to re-sign with the team and wishes to play for a contending team. This problem exploded across the press after Antonio Brown went on multiple platforms voicing his side of the story of what went down behind the scenes of the organization. The star wide receiver went on ESPN to have a borderline documentary about his life from where he came from when he was in poverty, to how he got to where he is now. In the interview, he voiced how he “did not have to play football” if he didn’t want to because his life and current state of living is well off.

Then after this interview, he went on Lebron James’s show on HBO to continue his outspokenness. On the show, he criticized his former quarterback Ben Rothlesburger for not taking accountability when he messes up. He said that Ben went to the press behind his back and said that Antonio Brown should be running better routes. Brown responded by saying “How am I supposed to catch the ball if you are throwing it at the D-linemen\”. After all of this anarchy, Antonio Brown has decided to move on from the franchise and sign with the Los Angelas Raiders. Now Big Ben and Juju are the best proven remaining talent on the team.

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