Straight Out of Compton Security Beef Up Doesn\’t Distract from Movie

Apparently the movie Straight out of Compton was supposed to cause very hostile controversy when it premiered. The fear of an incident was based not only on the crowd it would bring in, but the message it was displaying to the crowd. The message was pretty much negligence towards the police or authority in general. I personally went to see this movie and I did not see a single sign of violent intent in the audience. I was a little infuriated about what the police were doing to African Americans in the film, but I understand because it was an important message that needed to be told.

There doesn\’t seem to be any record of a movie sparking any riots specifically African Americans. Crowds usually tend to be pretty calm about the film and no major outbursts. Even if the film was about gang violence there wasn\’t any violence, not even towards the police. The movie was definitely excellent in portraying the persona\’s of N.W. A., and the struggles they faced growing up in the hood as African Americans and making gateways for some of the great hip hop icons we know now. Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Suge Knight just to name a few.

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