It\’s Safe to Swim in Ward 5

It wasn\’t your typical Thursday afternoon at the Harry Thomas Senior Recreation Center in Ward 5 DC, not so much as a cloudy day.

It was a mix of swimming and survival tactics.  No! No one was injured. In fact, upon afternoon arrival many of the swimmers were on break while the lifeguards conduct In-Service training.  What is In-service?  Well, it\’s no simple explanation, especially since \”stand clear,\” \”analyzing,\” and chest compressions are involved. From the looks of the demonstration – much skill, training, machines, and support, moreover, most importantly team effort is required to stabilize a swimmer in the event of a life- threatening injury.

Manager Desean McNeil would call out the In-service training exercise, while assistant manager Rochelle Polanco and lifeguard Emily Henley provided the rescue for lifeguard Lance Magwood who was treading water in the deep end which looked to be about nine feet or more.  Magwood was pulled out of the water safely during the In-service training demonstration by both Rochelle and Emily.  These ladies were going to work, with the oxygen mask, counting, and making sure signs of life for a safe recovery.  Once Mr. Magwood showed signs of life, then the In-service training demonstration had come to an end.  It was now time for the lifeguard to blow their whistle for swimmers to get back in the water.

The majority of the swimmers stayed in the larger pool, but didn\’t enter the deep end while the smaller children enjoyed the whale waterfall in the center of the children\’s pool. Parents don\’t worry if you forget the life vest there are plenty to choose from at the pool.  \”No rough play\” says one of the lifeguards to the young swimmer, and \”no running.\”  Safety is most certainly first at the Harry Thomas Rec center.  Swimmer Troivaugn, 9 years old was enjoying the pool and stated \”waiting until they open the deep end\” since he knows how to swim thanks to his uncle Shaun.  Although he enjoyed the pool today, he wasn\’t sure if he would return tomorrow.  Children of all ages were having a great time at the pool, a set of twin girls 3 years old brought their pink ball to play in the water.  Then before you know it, the lifeguard blows the whistle then says \”break time\” and the young swimmer says \”not again.\”  While on break this time some of the swimmers delighted in some hula hoop entertainment.

Since the sun didn\’t seem as though it would surface again, it was time to gather the towel, dry off and go.  Furthermore, the pool is safe, In-service and staffed at the Harry Thomas Recreational Center in Ward 5.

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