Taking a Wholistic Approach at the Health Fair & Community Bazaar

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Health fair and community bazaar doesn\’t capture the knowledge that was imparted Sunday at the Edgewood Arts Center on 8th Street, N.E.  It was more of a Master\’s course in health and science as it relates to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Each presenter, dynamic in their own right, covered aspects of physical and mental health vital to a well-balanced lifestyle. The presentations expanded past the \”you are what you eat\” mantra into you are what you eat, what\’s in what you eat, what you drink, don\’t drink and what you think. Dr. Kokayi Patterson was the exclamation point stressing the \”whole\” in wholistic.

It was a day of applied health and science knowledge. \”Professor Mother Love\”, Meauvell Tate engaged the audience with facts related to the over medication of our children based on common symptoms like boredom, anger and confusion, but \”there\’s no drug to fix\” these symptoms. She focused on modern mental health\’s practice of misdiagnosing these symptoms as \”disorders\” instead of addressing the root cause which is often related to our emotional state being out of balance with body and spirit. She closed with an alarming statistic that there are more than 200 million children on psychotropic/prescribed medications. She went on to inform the audience that school shootings are predominantly by individuals who have been on psychotropic drugs.

Dr. J\’Huti T\’aSeti, a massage therapist among oither talents, introduced the audience to a strategy exercise that resembled a high-level game of musical chairs where several participants had to find a seat when prompted. Contrary to musical chairs where only one person is competing for a seat, up to 3 participants have to make a strategic choice of finding the nearest open seat. It sounds simple, but in practice, each time the participants bypassed the seat that was closest to them.

Clarence Cherry, Founder & CEO, Health and Wealth Nation Marketing, demonstrated the impurities in bottled water despite claims by a number of them of being \”natural spring water\”. He demonstrated this by a simple test using common chemicals found in any hardware store to show the presence of chlorine (which doesn\’t occur in natural spring water), and low alkaline levels. Low alkaline levels are important because it means the water is not providing the minerals needed to neutralize body acids. Dr. Tessema demonstrated the effects of sleep apnea to good health before Dr. Patterson brought the final points home.

Dr. Patterson, a Wholistic Health Practitioner, while entertaining, was extremely informative on the healing principles of natural medicines. A practitioner for over 30 years, Dr. Patterson drove home the point of body, mind, spirit throughout his presentation. He focused on herbs, vitamins, and minerals versus meat-based diets. He went on to equate the way we feed our children to child abuse by impacting their bodies with high doses of sugar and other ingredients contrary to good health. Dr. Patterson highlighted his list of wholistic remedies covering high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, stomach distress, and an assortment of ailments.

you shall not accpet any information unless you verify it for yourself

The outstanding line-up of speakers was complemented by an equally impressive group of vendors, highlighted in the slideshow. In keeping with the applied science nature of the health fair, Rev. Dr. Amina B. Butts demonstrated Reiki, a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, using a volunteer from the audience.

For anyone who has doubts or is apprehensive about the power of wholistic medicine I\’ll leave you with a verse Professor Mother Love read from the Quran that states, in part \”you shall not accept any information unless you verify it for yourself\”.
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