Taxation without Representation


All 50 States of the United States are represented in Congress and the House of Representatives which in turn grants them voting representation rights. The Capitol of the United States, Washington, DC isn\’t considered a State but a Federal City. Initially, it was never meant to be a State nor a place where people lived but a place for Congress to convene. The United States was formed after the American Revolution against the British Crown due to taxation without representation and yet to date, the Nation’s Capital still suffer from this.

That’s well known knowledge of how the United States operate, but here is food for thought on how it has been manipulated within the African-American Community. First, discipline was removed from the schools with the threat of teachers and administrators losing their jobs. Next, discipline was removed from the African-American household with the threat of jail time to parents and children ending up in the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS). With little to no discipline at home or school, kids were put into Special Education classes and diagnosed with falsified learning disabilities. During this time was when drugs were mandated to be in full effect on the kids in Special Education. These same kids, now drugged, misdiagnosed and feeling abused and left for dead ended up in the industrial prison complex. The industrial prison complex embodied kids charged with felonies for petty crimes that should have been a misdemeanor at best. Lastly, these kids are released back into society as men only to either struggle to find a job or once they find a job they are still taxed by a system that doesn\’t allow them to vote (felons cannot vote). This is how “Taxation without Representation” has been injected into the African-American community. In the last 7 years, President Obama has repealed numerous crimes initially charged as a felony to a misdemeanor. All that’s needed now is individual expunged to those charged with said felonies.


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