Teenager\’s Perspective on Police Shootings – Part 2

Let\’s continue exploring my perspective on the recent police shootings. In my opinion, I don\’t see how a single police officer has found guilty or even arrested because these incidents. In the Alton Sterling case I don\’t care what nobody says, he was not resisting arrest. The man was clearly already on the ground just confused about what was going on. How are you going to shoot a man several times and just turn around and just say he was resisting? So are tasers not a thing any more? Okay, I\’ll leave that alone but then to later on shoot a father while his daughter is in the backseat. When he warned you about his firearm and told you he was reaching for his wallet. Then shoot the man before he even pulls out the wallet.


Philando Castile was pulled over for a broken taillight, I just dint see how the situation can escalate that quickly. These are just some of the reasons I\’m not fond of police officers and not to say all of them are bad, but the ones who see stuff like this and don\’t say anything, those are the ones I have a problem with. It\’s not fair that I should feel scared of the people that are supposed to protect us. Also, the thing that annoys me are the people who keep saying all lives matter. Yes, all lives do matter but until black lives matter as much as everyone else\’s black lives matter. But that\’s just another way that people are trying to kill our movement. All I want is for us to be equals. No matter our skin color.

Police Shooting Data

The Washington Post revealed that there have been thirty-seven police shootings. Now that\’s only in the DMV area. Out of that thirty-seven, twenty-six were African-American. The numbers speak for themselves, and that\’s only in my area where I live. Imagine the ratio around the world. But what do we choose to do, ignore it as if it\’s not happening? But when it turns out to become one of your own. Then you\’ll think it\’s time for a change. Why not take a stand now? How long will it be until they turn one of your loved ones into just another hashtag? I\’m not waiting to be just another statistic. I see what these police are doing, especially the ones in my area and I can honestly say not all blue lives matter. But the black lives that they supposed to be protecting, not killing are the ones that matter.

I just can\’t wait until the day the people that are supposedly protecting us, actually protect us.

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