Thaddeus James – Candidate for ANC-5C06 Commissioner

   Hello my name is Thaddeus James I’m currently the senior chairperson of the Brookland Manor Residents Committee and a candidate for Ward-5 ANC-5C06 Commissioner. My number one priority is senior housing first. There is a senior housing crisis, and no one is talking about that issues, and it’s a very critical one that needs to be addressed. The Brookland Manor community is under redevelopment and the first building that is going to be constructed is the Alice and Eugen Ford 200 unit senior building. This new senior building is not only for Brookland Manor Seniors, but it will also be for all Ward-5 senior.

   The problem is Brookland Manor Residents Association in partnership with the housing activist group ONE DC file an appeal to delay the construction of our much needed senior building. This building will be a great benefit for our senior\’s health, safety, and welfare. These groups filing this appeal is not only harming our senior. This new senior building will bring in new tax revenue to help support Ward-5 schools. The construction of the new senior building will create jobs and apprenticeship training. This new senior building will create new employment for the health professional, managers, and jobs for seniors.

   The Brookland Manor redevelopment is a build in place project, and there will be no displacement I support the preservation of 373 Brookland Manor subsidized housing, and 117 housing choice vouchers holders.

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