Thank You for Making 2017 Remarkable

Not sure where to start, but I would like to tell each and everyone of you Thank You before 2017 ends!  I wanted to end the year different, thanking the people who matter the most to me, my readers and viewers.  Instead of recapping all the digital content clips which I have captured this year.  As you all know, 2017 was the year of \”fake news,\” and we are very fortunate for sound judgement, ethical practices, and most importantly that we delivered organic digital news content.

Please pardon any minor verb tense disagreements, edits, and sentence fragments.  I didn\’t mean any harm, and the delivery was the intent.  It is my hope that I delivered some news that you could have used!  This was my most challenged year since I started on the scene back in 2013, but when you create the lane in this digital game with content leaving a stain that they can\’t white out, so they watch then repeat my original beat.  They didn\’t know my hue could deliver so sweet!  But it\’s OK, just thought I\’d say the desk is dusty anyway! #DontNeedToGel


Thank you for making 2017 a remarkable year!  Looking forward to more compelling and captivating organic digital new content!

Happy New Year!!!

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