The BIG Reveal, Most Memorable Moment of 2018

It\’s a wrap!  The 2018 calendar year has come to an end, creating much room and opportunity for the New Year ahead.  Before the ball drops, and the countdown starts, I would like to take a moment to reflect on 2018.  Some moments were monumental, while some got really messy. Moreover, this one particular moment measured up to the magnitude and celebrated as the most memorable one of the year.

After twelve months of creating compelling and captivating content and original beats, making a selection for the most memorable moment can be a challenge.  How was I going to get through this challenge?  Number one, take into consideration the only comments I value; those of  my supporters.  My supporters contributed to this monumental year in every newsworthy way.  There were those very messy moments where I wanted to put things on hold for a second. However, comments such as \”well I for one am an avid fan of what you do: professional and impeccably researched reportage shedding light on vital issues,\” showed me it was time to get back to work.  The second method used for selection criteria for this moment to be celebrated at the magnitude of number one was, satisfying the elements of a great news story.

Some of those elements include a story having a beginning, middle and end. Then starts the news gathering process.  Now gathering those elements for a great news story entails one key element, research.  Research is a very important and vital aspect because it aides with having a reliable and credible source; and since fake news still lingers, research distinguishes reliable news from fake news.  Thanks to new medium platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, I\’m able to share compelling electronic media through these innovative mediums.  These platforms do serve a purpose, connecting and briefly communicating with your audience, along with sharing captivating content.

\"\"Considering being an active user of Instagram, I didn\’t mind sharing a pleasant photo of myself; which generated a few comments.  Not all comments lead to an original beat story. Some lead to being deleted from the platform.  This particular comment was really surprising and showed just how much my work matters.  The comment prompted the start of researching more about the comment.  One of my incredible supporters by the Instagram name of Richhomienohhh recommended that Turning Point USA, along with Candice Owens and Charlie Kirk recruit me.  In that moment I had to take this lead from my supporter and start doing my research to learn more about the organization.

The element of surprise, along with being very newsworthy were present, so I then took the next steps to connect with Turning Point USA.  The comment came during a great time, because unknown to me, Turning Point USA, Young Black Leadership Summit would be visiting Washington with plans to stop at the White House for a conversation with President Donald Trump.  

This was not about President Trump, although he was mostly mentioned by others the entire year, it was about the Young Black Leaders on their way to the White House to have a conversation with the President.  How often does this happen in America?  Not that often, so this was definitely newsworthy.  After standing outside the White House for over an hour, and waiting on hold with the White House Press Office for thirty minutes, I was finally granted access to cover the event.  Despite the long wait, it was very well worth every minute; just not sure about those minutes on my smartphone plan though.  Needless to say, it was a so real moment, very inspiring, and rewarding which lead to the compelling piece \”Young Black Leadership Summit speaks with President Trump.\”

Now that you can better understand the magnitude for this moment to be celebrated as the number one most memorable moment of 2018, I hope that you plan to continue this journey with me.  Thank you so much for your support, stay tune to 2019, more great news stories to come.

Happy New Year, wishing you much peace, joy, happiness!

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