The Damage is Irreversible – If it acts like a publisher…

In my previous post \”The Damage is Irreversible – Closed Captioning\” I relay the position I found myself in after my post on The MGM Grand Opening. The other part of that story has to do with the communication with the tech company in trying to resolve the issue. The tech company believes sending a tweet, or tagging them in an Instagram media post is not reasonable. I\’m not sure if a clause exists in their terms of service agreement that states Twitter and Instagram are not reasonable forms of communication. It would have helped if I had read the agreement from the very start but it\’s ironic that they would devalue the communicative value of their products.

There\’s a saying that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – it\’s a duck. Let\’s consider how this analogy pertains to these social media platforms. I suppose these social media platforms are only deemed reasonable when unbiased Ads are rolling up and down the feeds. I also wonder if going to ask the FCC would be considered as reasonable, along with Congress, perhaps it depends on the person you ask. If you ask the tech company the reasonable question \”if they are a news publication?,\” they would deny that and simply refer to being classified as a products and services company holding all the world\’s data.

During the holiday season, search results using the tech company\’s services could yield the best price points for your pockets; along with ranking the seasons splendid items. Depending on if its election time, the products and services have news publication appeal, although they have made it clear they\’re not a news agency. They just store all the news information and content on platforms, products, and services in the event they go public and announce turning into a news agency. There\’s no need to question any biased behavior or practices, and since satisfying some news gathering elements; they could be considered a full-service news agency with their in-house news fact-checkers, and political Ad rate busters. What they don\’t have is a decree similar to Netflix and the National Deaf Association.

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