The DC Voice Business Directory is Back!

We\’ve improved our business directory to reflect the production, distribution and repair (PDR) companies in Ward 5. These companies are identified in the Ward 5 Industrial Land Transformation Study as part of the lifeblood of this ward.  Ranging in a variety of unique services also means they are easily overlooked. This uniqueness often makes it easier for them to be searched by their Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code.


Ever had to find a business by SIC Code? Good luck!

To support the PDR nature of Ward 5, The DC Voice has added SIC codes to every Ward 5 listing. Adding SIC Codes makes it easier for business-to-business support. By performing an Advanced Search you can now find any of the Ward 5 Businesses by their SIC Code. As the directory grows it will also be easier to find local businesses that support Ward 5 by adding Ward 5 as an advanced search criteria as well. 


Don\’t need to search by SIC Code or Ward? Not to worry. Just perform a basic keyword search and you\’re on your way. We\’re adding companies daily so if you don\’t see your business feel free to contact us and we\’ll get you added.

The DC Voice – Always Forward ®

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