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Glut has served the nearby Ward 5 community for 47 years supplying natural and diverse fresh foods. Their motto is “food for people, not for profit.” A variety of goods and products are sold there ranging from vegetables, fruits, nuts, vitamins, herbs to spices. Their aim is to provide unprocessed foods at low prices. No membership is required and it’s open to the general public.

\”The beets and green beans don\’t gleam with bright perfection, as in bigger stores. But on closer inspection, it\’s obvious that everything is fresh: Much, though not all, of the produce and prepared food comes from within a few hours\’ drive of Washington. All of the staples are there, plus some unusual items requested by shoppers: incense, an expansive selection of medicinal herbs and an assortment of the ginger drinks beloved by Caribbean immigrants.
Customers say they like Glut\’s personal, idiosyncratic style. Without a boss looking over their shoulders, employees can linger in conversation with shoppers and are forced to directly answer requests or complaints that arise. They\’re free to get involved in the community, too: When neighborhood kids perform at the dance studio across the street, for example, workers might amble over to take in the show.

It isn\’t exactly a family relationship, but it\’s not just business, either. In a town whose residents have a particularly strong sense of social and neighborhood consciousness, Glut is a key community gathering place.”


For residents in Ward 5 and surrounding neighborhoods that are practicing a healthier lifestyle of living and eating, Glut is the ideal place to shop. They are located roughly less than 1 mile outside of the Ward 5 boundary. If one would like to visit this natural food Oasis, it’s located at 4005 34th St., Mount Rainier, Md. The web address is


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