The Lost Generation


It’s painfully obvious that the crack cocaine error has taken its toll on parents during that time. The most misunderstood fact about the crack error lies within the kids of the parents who were on crack. Mothers and fathers alike had very little guidance and knowhow of how to raise their kids because of the lack of their maternal and paternal guidance. If one was to do a survey on the grandkids of crack addicts, they would undoubtedly see that those kids are extremely lost due to the despairingly effect that the drugs had on their parents. The grandkids suffered the most because their parents were left to fend for themselves while the drug of choice at that time ran rampant. Although they have tried to rebuild a strong home front, it has been difficult because the parents themselves were lost with no guidance of how to be successful parents.

The lost generation can be seen in most urban areas with an air about them that speaks volumes of not caring about anything. They will do things in broad daylight like openly have lewd and obnoxious conversations with curse words flowing every other word. They will (with no care in the world) commit aggressive and sometimes violent acts on innocent people that cross their paths. They can be seen and heard in schools running the halls, not going to classes, and being disrespectful to adults and their peers. This isn’t the case for all of our youths, but the ones that display this behavior are in staggering numbers.


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