The Million Man March Reunion is Upon Us!


The Million Man March was held October 16, 1995. Orchestrated by the Minister Louis Farrakahn, he asked a million Black men to gather in support of atonement and solidarity. Many men travelled from different parts of the United States to support the cause of unity and revitalization of Black communities. During the march young men and old men alike came together and took a \”public pledge to support their families, refrain from violence and physical or verbal abuse toward women and children, and renounce violence against other men “except in self-defense.” They also pledged abstinence from drugs or alcohol and to concentrate their efforts on building Black businesses and social and cultural institutions in the communities where they lived. The march participants were then asked to “go back home” to implement the changes they had pledged.\”


20 years later, Minister Farrakahn has called for a reunion Million Man March that\’s themed \”Justice or Else\”. Men and women will travel from far and wide to participate in this monumental event that will undoubtedly surpass the first Million Man March. For this reunion, Farrakahn is calling for men of all races and creeds to unite and stand together.



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