The Right to Choose Includes Choosing Not To

States are increasing their push to pass legislation to restrict abortion. This year alone 9 states have passed such bills trying to lay the groundwork for the Supreme Court to review Roe v Wade. The DC Voice hasn\’t shied away from the subject of free-choice.  Heartbeat Hypocrisy took on the male-dominated decision and focused on the impact on low-income women. It also highlighted the lack of religious concern when it comes to other issues such as gun control, adoption, and the death penalty. The \”V\” Factor contrasted the fact that men don\’t need approval to perform a vasectomy thus controlling their right to reproduce.


True to its foundation that everyone deserves a voice, The DC Voice recently talked to a handful of pro-life supporters in front of the Planned Parenthood – Carol Whitehill Moses Center at 1225 4th St N.E.This small group is led by Michael New, a Catholic University teacher. He gathers a group of supporters every Saturday in front of the Planned Parenthood center to \”counsel\” woman on alternate choices. Armed with little more than pamphlets and rosaries the group tries to influence prospective abortion seekers to choose a different path.  That path includes, among other things adoption.  New was joined today by Mary Varni and Tom Grimme.


Varni joined the group for Saturday\’s session while visiting from St. Loius, Missouri. Varni says she came to help pray with the group and encourage prospectant mothers to seek alternate solutions. She says she wants them to realize the support systems in place to help them out. Varni is a member of the Respect Life Apostolate of St. Louis. On the other hand, Grimme was armed with a very graphic video by Dr. Anthony Levatino. Girmme admits this graphic video is not something that carries much weight at this point in the decision process. Its main objective is to hopefully influence others around the decision-maker to choose an alternative solution. When asked what information they provide to prospective mothers other than pamphlets, he was somewhat at a loss.

Although the group appeared to take a low-profile approach to their mission, the sign stating \”CHILDREN ARE KILLED HERE\” plays into the guilt factor as well as presents a hostile message. Only one person exited the center during my short stay and was immediately approached by three pro-life members. Again, this harkens to the lack of privacy in what is obviously a life-altering decision. Ironically the face on the literature being handed out didn\’t match the face of the person exiting the center.


There isn\’t currently a groundswell in the District to ban abortion. However, D.C. is heavily influenced by the decisions Congress makes. What isn\’t an issue today could easily become one in the future. The DC Voice will continue to follow this group and other activities in this area.


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