The Tragic Downfall

If you didn’t know already, the Redskins are completely out of playoff contention, and it absolutely devastates me knowing the path we were on this season. Going from first in the NFC East to now third in the conference. It is downright demoralizing as a Redskins fan to see Washington at 6-7 and pretty much in last place because being ahead of the New York Giants is nothing to hold your head up about. The downfall from first all began after three O-Lineman went down. Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff and Morgan Moses. This made the run game a little harder and our passing game very trigger-happy leaving less time in the pocket to find an open receiver and pass the ball.

The next major sign of collapse was after Alex Smith got injured and tore his fibula ending his season. This happened in a heart-breaking loss to the Houston Texans losing 21-23. Colt MCcoy then came in to back up Smith. Even then hopes were still in the air because the Redskins were still at the top of the standings. Also, Colt MCcoy is still a solid quarterback. Not as skilled as Smith however, is still a pretty sound quarterback. Nonetheless, after the loss to the Cowboys placed the Redskins in second place. Colt then gets hurt in the game against the Eagles and the Redskins decide to put in a quarterback who hasn’t thrown a pass in 5 years, none other than Mark Sanchez. Infamously known for the butt-fumble. Now digressing for a second before playoff hopes were out of sight, the Redskins decided to put a claim on Reuben Foster. A very talented linebacker for the San Francisco currently fighting a Domestic abuse case. The Redskins stated that they don’t know if Foster will practice or even begin to play. But after this news they then stated that they discussed bringing in Colin Kaepernick, but that was absolute malarkey. Colin could’ve done the job of Mark Sanchez and ten times the job of Colt. This season really tested my patience as a Redskins fan.

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