The Ultimate Summer Shopping Guide: Swimwear

Spring has officially sprung! With summer right around the corner, let’s discuss everyone’s favorite summer staple; swimwear. If you’re anything like me, the pool or beach is the main hangout during the summer. Part of the reason I created Undie-fined is because finding stylish plus size swimwear can be a hassle. With all the brands that offer swimwear now, all swimwear is NOT created equal. I’ve done the leg work and narrowed it down to the top 5. Before I get to the list, I do have a few tips when shopping for swimwear. First, make sure the suit fits snug on your body. Swim fabric expands when it is wet. That means if you size up, the suit is going to be too big once you get in the water. Second, when shopping for bikinis try to buy the top and bottom separately. People are rarely a perfect fit for both the top and bottom. Avoid brands that force you to buy both pieces together.

  1. Swimsuits For All is a go to website for swimwear pieces you want to keep for a while. If you’re looking for staple pieces that will last for years, this site is perfect for you. Swimsuits For All also has collections with Ashley Graham and GABIFRESH that are specifically made with curvy ladies in mind.
  2. Torrid is great for ladies looking for trendier pieces that will last multiple summers. They blend flattering styles with trendy colors and prints. If it is your first time wearing a bikini, I would suggest Torrid as a starting point because their suits provide a lot of coverage.
  3. Adore Me is a good site for swimwear because their intimates side is already established. Also, if you join their VIP you can get a new swimsuit each month for only $39.95 each. That’s a pretty good deal!
  4. Rebdolls is a great site if you’re looking for trendy pieces that will probably only last one summer. They are spot on with styles, colors, and size range. Items sell out fast on the rebdolls site, however. If you see something you like, jump on it because it may not be there when you come back to it.
  5. SHEIN is another great site for trendy bikinis that are only for a summer. Unfortunately, they don’t have options to purchase the bikinis separately. On the other hand, you can’t really complain for $10-$18 per suit. If you’re looking for a site where you can get a cheap bikini for a weekend getaway, SHEIN is the site for you!

Life’s too short to not wear a bathing suit. Find a piece you love and rock it. Sky’s out, thighs out!

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