The “V” Factor

When the male species discusses abortion and decides what can or cannot take place with the female species body in the event of rape, incest; or other circumstance of an unwanted pregnancy; I’m appalled by the audacity of a false sense of entitlement on the man’s part.

A woman’s body is private and what she chooses to do with it, should not be made public.

Let’s reverse this issue and look at the “V” Factor: vasectomy vs. the vagina.

Imagine if men were being subjected to a public decision of the ability for them to have a vasectomy or a sanctioning of the use of Viagra? They’d all stand up, with erections intact, demanding the right to do what they want with their body! Ironic isn’t it?

And speaking of vasectomies, when a man has this procedure done, he has been allowed to act on his own behalf regarding the decision to remove the chances of an unwanted pregnancy from occurring. And he does not need to notify anyone.  Not his wife, his girlfriend, or even the courts of his decision. Where’s the outcry? Where’s the outrage for the removal of the potential for a human being to be brought into this world? There is none.

Technically, isn’t the male saying, “I have the right to say I don’t want to produce a human being?”  I’ll wait.


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