The Value of a Dollar

Money, money, money, drives the markets and the minds of people crazy.  Someone always wants some money whether it\’s the bill collectors, church, family, or you simply trying to get your money\’s worth feeling the true value of your purchase.  Let\’s put money into perspective minus the interest rates.  How much is the dollar really worth?  According to the Wall Street Journal, the dollar edged higher against the yen, before the Brussels attacks early Tuesday morning in Belgium, at a day high of 1.1260.

Unfortunately, 1.1260 is the exchange rate of the dollar as it relates to another country\’s currency.  Getting your money\’s worth these days can be sort of like an investors strategy, hit or miss; it all relies on the risk you\’re willing to take.  Recently, I took a risk while shopping and picked up a pair of shoes which displayed $34.57. However, by the time I arrived at the checkout counter the shoe\’s price-scan revealed $0.01.  At that moment, and in the moment, I thought I was the best shopper in the world; all my years of shopping had finally paid off!

On Monday the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy discussed the effects of the recession and if we are ready for the next recession? Before you go securing all of your accounts, one thing to factor into the recession was the relief which came in the form of a stimulus package (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) that not all state governors participated in.  They didn\’t want their state paying back more money than it could afford. Perhaps clever thinking or just being modest nonetheless it had it benefits.  Is the recession to blame for the decrease in value? Prior to the recession quality of service and products were better. It seems as though it takes more money for less value, and no this is not inflation or hysterics perhaps just depreciation in printing of money presumably.

Do you feel that value is sold separately in a bundle deal with quality and customer service, and in order to get your money\’s worth you must subscribe to the terms of these conditions – poor service, broken merchandise, or fake merchandise with no return policy?  Will the days of true bang for your buck every come again while anticipation of another recession?  Well don\’t  wait to see what will happen so it\’s best to figure out ways to save your dollars while they still have value.

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