This Page Intentionally Left Blank – Let\’s Write the Story

Not every Trump voter is a racist, phobic jerk but every racist, phobic jerk is a Trump voter

Rick Wilson, Republican political campaign strategist

   America is at yet another crossroad. Young black men shot down in cold blood, missing young black girls across the country, an 11-year old African American girl tasered for allegedly shoplifting, sitting in Starbucks becomes a crime, white nationalists rallying in the Nation\’s Capital, a do-nothing Congress sitting on its hands, and a lying, racist, misogynistic president. Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. However, that step can\’t be back to our racist past.

   The nation\’s backlash to its first African American president is in full swing. It was easy for people to miss Trump\’s dog whistle election slogan \”Make America Great Again\”. We all knew what he meant by \”great\” but it took others a while to catch on. This 180-degree switch isn\’t missed on a lot of us. The writers and contributors of The DC Voice have focused our attention this week, with varying opinions, on the upcoming white supremacist rally this week in D.C. and our president\’s deafening silence about this rally.

   From our youngest to our most seasoned, we\’ve all tried to voice our discontent with the current state of America. This Page Intentionally Left Blank represents the decision before us all. Only the American people can write its future. We stand on the threshold of a time that will either propel America to another century of greatness or bend it to its lowest depths. The future can only be written by those bold enough to stare injustice in the eye and smack it down.

   We, as a country, are in uncharted waters. The tension is palpable. When our leaders choose not to fight for us, they stand against us. The Constitution relies on our elected officials to do their jobs and fight for all of us. When they cower in submission to retain their seats in Congress, the Constitution fails. You hear so much today about a constitutional crisis. We are in the midst of that now.

   When lies replace truth, depravity stands in place of honor, the American dream becomes a nightmare, and the commander-in-chief is nothing more than a sideshow circus ringmaster governing in nation-dividing tweets, something has to give. This Page Intentionally Left Blank means only we can write the future. Only we can write the narrative of where the nation goes from here. All eyes are on D.C. this weekend. What will we do as a city, as a country, and as the light of the free world?

   Only time will tell how this page gets filled in. Will we rise to our fullest potential or fall to our lowest depths? The only way to change the narrative is to write the narrative. The DC Voice is betting on the American youth to write the correct ending.  Filling in This Page Intentionally Left Blank starts Sunday; let\’s start writing. 

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