THUGs Destroy DC During Inauguration

A somber and soggy Friday morning in Washington. Not quite fitting for an inauguration. Nonetheless, that could possibly be mother nature saying soon-to-be President Trump will \”Make America Great\”.

Time to Make America Great Again

Forty-five minutes past the eleven o\’clock hour, President Obama is shifting into his last moments. He will walk out of the Capitol rotunda, this time passing the torch, and his role of President and Commander-in-Chief, to Donald J. Trump.

Many people gathered on the mall as President Trump took the oath of office.  However, I must admit, when I saw President Obama walk out my energy level shifted into a state that\’s not so easy to put in words.  It wasn\’t a feeling of shock or surreal; it was something I\’d never experienced.  The moment President Trump took to the podium to give his Presidential Address the rain started to fall.  Not sure if that was a sign to wash away the \”Old America\”, to \”Make America Great Again\”, or just bad luck for America for the next four years.  Moreover, President Trump vowed this will be an America for the people.

THUGS destroy DC

Before President Trump could parade down the streets of Pennsylvania Avenue, not to his International commercial property, but to his official home the White House, thugs destroyed downtown.  They caused significant damage to banks and restaurants, even setting a luxury car ablaze.  I\’m not sure who will be responsible for the clean-up, but hopefully, someone\’s terrorism insurance will cover it, and not taxpayer\’s dollars.

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