Time for Racial Exit Poll Data to Exit: Eliminating the Racial Divide in America

No mention of a hanging chad, or a candidate being left off of the ballot.  It was simply the Alabama Senate race which has ended in a not so fair win for one candidate.  Rather, a tenacious task with Democratic runner Doug Jones and Republican runner Roy Moore up for the challenge, but the constituents of the state will determine who\’s best suitable for the seat.  On December 12th, exit poll data revealed that it was the Black women of the state of Alabama which were responsible for electing Democratic runner Doug Jones to take up the task of Senator.  Not sure if this data is causing more of a divide – when the only important statistic is which party the constituent is associated with to obtain the correct voting ballot.


Should exit poll data conceal certain information for privacy reasons when it accounts to your ethnic identity in voting?  Why is this data important?  Possibly to give presidency to one particular race over the other.  Nonetheless, the needs of the constituents in the state of Alabama,  as a whole amount to the same thing.  Despite the people\’s efforts of time spent casting their vote for the candidate which they deemed best suitable for the Senate seat.  Not so ready to concede is Republican runner Roy Moore.  Moore has recently filed a lawsuit alleging that fraud has occurred in the recent Alabama Senate race.  Are black women to blame for the recent voter fraud allegations in the race since they were primarily responsible?  Why are white women associated with highly educated when voting?  Are these the same issues which have plagued America\’s voting system since the right to vote?  Does the data cause more of a divide than it should?  It was just a year ago during the 2016 Presidential race, the data couldn\’t determine who were the primary racial benefactors of the election when voting.  Moreover, black women were not even a thought other than mentions of what role Omarosa would play in the White House.

As certain segments of our population advance such as technology, education, and banking, is it time for America\’s voting system to advance and overhaul itself?  Sort of like purge the old system. Rebuild a sound internal infrastructure which is subject to only revealing the party an American is associated with for exit poll data.  How should black women feel now, knowing that they have been attached to allege voting fraud?  How will this stigma affect them?  Why is the black woman now being associated with dishonesty where it really plays a role – at the voting polls.  Why are white women associated with education advancement in exit poll data?

Maybe \”Make America Great Again\” can start where it began at the exit polls.  Anything is possible, but not sure if a certain segment of the population likes to be associated with voter fraud when casting a vote is not that complicated.

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