Tricky Talent

If you didn’t know already let me inform you that one of the best Wide receivers’ in the NFL Antonio Brown announced that he didn’t want to re-sign with his long-time team the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is enormous news considering that Antonio Brown is so much of a major talent that the team he decides to go could be a major shift of power in the league. Now, if you are wondering where this came from and why Antonio Brown would want a change of scenery, it is mainly because the organization he is attached to seems to discredits Antonio Brown as being looked at as a grown man. You see this in owner Jeff Darlington’s comments referring to the roster of the Steelers as 52 kids; excluding Ben Roethlisberger.

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t even make the playoffs this year. They have also been without their Pro-bowl half back Le’veon Bell. Now they are in the midst of losing their star receiver. Things definitely are going in the wrong direction for this franchise. There have been claims from other teammates of the franchise saying that Ben isn’t even the leader people think he is which would be presumable knowing that usually we look at the quarterback of a team and think they are the captain. So if they don’t even look at Ben as a leader then they definitely wouldn’t let somebody say they are above them. Antonio Brown has gone on record saying that it’s the principle and “all about respect”. As a hopeful die-hard Redskins fan, I am hoping that we could at least attempt to get on Antonio Brown’s radar to become that deep threat that Washington desperately needs as an addition to the receiver core. Nonetheless, whichever team AB lands on will be tremendously improved with their new acquisition.

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