Trump\’s Presidential Real Estate on Pennsylvania Ave

Listed as a high priority, the DC Department of Transportation rewired existing signals for the newly installed traffic lights, construction workers chipping away unnecessary calcification, and just over the Presidential ballroom, the workers made sure the glass was shiny for the introduction of Trump International hotel.  The gardeners beautified the landscape just in time for the guest, along with last-minute fixes.  While plush red velvet gold trim pillows were brought in before the public could enter.  Many people passed by the Trump International hotel stunned by its introduction, \”it\’s an amazing building, surprise nobody bought it before\” says one lady.

\”He already got his sign up\” says one guy.  Perhaps the people did not take a cue from artist RichHomieQuan when he says \”you have to think like an investor.\”  All the capitalist along Capitol Hill would consider the Trump International hotel a great investment, it\’s all about location.  Being though he is the next potential President of America, Donald won\’t be far to make sure the services are stellar for hotel guest.  Some people stopped to take pictures, captivated by the building\’s architecture, while others exercised their right to peacefully protest against the establishment.  One guy gazing at the Presidential ballroom says \”that\’s a little preemptive.\”

This property is considered Presidential real estate. It\’s on Pennsylvanian ave, five blocks down from the White House, next door to the IRS, across the street from top investors, and banking, this is an excellent business move.  The Trump International Hotel can accommodate 263 guest, however all reservations must be after September 15, 2016, since they\’re at capacity.  For a deluxe night\’s stay with no promotional code $806.00 excluding taxes, $851.00 premier deluxe, and if you want to get very fancy feel free to reserve the Postmaster suite at $4,806.00 excluding taxes.

Honestly, I must admit that I stayed at the Trump Sonesta Beach Resort in Florida, but that was a deal, nonetheless, the service was great and seems it hasn\’t changed, although that was over six years ago.  The staff at the Trump International were very courteous offering beverages, and nuts to guests.  The first guest to check in were on business travel from Florida they thought the hotel was nice, and that wasn\’t their first time lodging at a Trump property, however they had not seen the room.  Just in time for the grand opening, the people have about 56 days to determine if Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America, then comes the inauguration. Furthermore, how will Washingtonian\’s benefit from this investment?

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