#TULUMTaughtMe Love of Culture & Understanding

Back in 2013, before Presidential contender Donald Trump thought about building up walls targeted to protect the Mexican boarder, reporter Mindy Jo had a conversation with Rev. Jesse Jackson to understand if it\’s necessary that American\’s be forced to learn Spanish.  With many forces beyond our control these days, Spanish isn\’t so bad, after all we need to communicate with each other.

Why Tulum you might ask?  Well, while reading a National Geographic Magazine an article about the Mayan Bee\’s captivated me, especially because I am a honey lover with no apologies, just ask Monosato Company. In all seriousness honey was the main attraction, and after some research I discovered the Mayan Ruins.  Initially, this was supposed to be one of my birthday trips, nonetheless timing is everything, moreover this time was the perfect time in my opinion to take to Tulum, Mexico.  Most of you are probably thinking, sure she took her dictionary to translate, and was it safe? No, I forgot my dictionary and while enrolled in the workforce development course I didn\’t enroll in Spanish in the workplace, so therefore my Spanish was very rusty.  Luckily, I was able to contact some friends who helped me and that was a tremendous help.  Yes, Tulum is safe, and the people are very pleasant.  What intrigued me was that although I ask a question in English the local people would respond \”I don\’t speak English,\” however he or she could understand what I did attempt to say; then I\’d try to recall my high school basic Spanish and from that point on, I was able to communicate with the people of Tulum such a beautiful time.



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