Urban Movie Channel Premier Subscription Streaming Services Presents Jacqueline and Jilly

On Monday night, it was time to roll out the red carpet, and head to the Lincoln Theater in Washington, DC for a star-studded premier of Jacqueline and Jilly, an original series presented by premium subscription streaming service UMC (Urban Movie Channel), Days Ferry Productions.  Jacqueline and Jilly is a portrait of three generations, two shattered dreams, and one accidental addiction.  When the daughter of a privileged political family develops an addiction to prescription painkillers following an unfortunate accident, it goes unnoticed by those around her.  As the problem becomes more apparent, the family must face the truth about addiction and each other while banding together for the sake of their daughter\’s survival and recovery.
Be sure to catch up on the recently premiered original series Jacqueline and Jilly featuring Victoria Rowell, Executive Producer and Director, Daphne Maxell Reid, Nikko Austen Smith, Charmin Lee, and Lamont Easter.  New episodes of the original miniseries will air weekly through January 10, 2019.

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