US Department of Transportation Listens to the Public\’s Point of View on Automated Vehicles

What do you call a machine which requires a physical person to operate?  Furthermore, it can take people or commodities from one destination to the next.  Transportation, that\’s correct.  Transportation plays a vital role in our daily lives.  It allows people and parcel to arrive at a different destination using a specific mode.  No matter if it is to work, school, another country, or even the supermarket, it usually requires the use of transportation.
The modes of transportation vary from trucks, cars, airplanes, trains, buses, and drones.  Then there are plenty categories along with specific brands for transportation, sort of like a red \’85 Chevy Impala with white interior.  The key to transportation is starting the engine, moving gears in motion to arrive at a different destination the safest.  Time is also a factor in transportation, not sure if construction work occupies most of the time in traffic.  Efficiency plays a role also because time matters to everyone.
What important role will technology play in transportation?  Given consideration to Garmin, Waze, or traditional OnStar, people who travel by mode of a car usually use a GPS device.  So long to the Atlas Road maps.  The GPS device helps the driver arrive at their destination of choice.  The GPS gives the driver turn-by-turn directions until a phone call comes through.  Technology has advanced transportation to the point a driver can receive a telephone call in the car.
Those are just minute milestones compared to what\’s in the making.  Currently, do you trust your car?  Is it reliable?  Does it need any repairs?  What if you could sit in your car, then tell the computer operating system your destination and not have to do anything?  Well, that looks to be the arrival point for some automobiles now.  So long to cruise control on your road trip.  The car will drive the driver.  Would that then make the driver a passenger?  That is sort of pushing the ignition a bit.  However, policymakers have to decided.
Recently, the US Department of Transportation held a \”Public Listening Summit on Automated Vehicle Policy,\” in Washington, DC at the headquarters office building.  Many were in attendance.  Elaine Chao, Secretary for Transportation was the keynote speaker.  The summit also had panel discussion from industry professionals.  The public certainty wanted their point of views heard, and many were in attendance listening to the future of transportation take a new direction and mode.