Victoria\’s Secret Allows Chief Marketing Officer to Further Seal Brand\’s Fate

I want to commend Victoria’s Secret’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek. Even with rapidly declining sales, a failing business plan and less viewership for the annual show, this 70 year old man decided to sink further with the ship! If you aren’t aware, he took to the media to let everyone know that the brand had no interest in catering to the plus size or transgender community because Victoria’s Secret is a specialty brand that sells a fantasy of “aggressively physically fit” young women that cannot be over the age of 20. Needless to say, I’m not surprised for a multitude of reasons. Let’s not forget that this is the same brand that JUST started hiring more than one woman of color for the annual show. Also, this is the same brand that thought putting a White model in a Native American headdress was a fantastic idea.  

The problem with brands like Victoria’s Secret is that they are incapable of changing with the times. Largely because they’ve done the same thing for the entirety of the company\’s existence. I know people are expecting outrage, but let’s treat this man like the joke he is and laugh at the stupidity. The fact that he put his foot so far down his throat when people of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders still watch the show, is hilarity. You’re too busy selling this “fantasy” to men when you’re supposed to be selling a product! Ladies, how many of you can ask your male significant other your bra or panty size and get the correct answer? If he can, is he buying you anything from Victoria’s Secret? No? Exactly my point. Ed has built his marketing strategy to focus on the male gaze while largely ignoring the female consumer. Even watching the show, you’ll see the front row is full of A list men.

At this point, we can let him crawl his decrepit ass right into the grave he dug for himself and this brand. Honestly, I don’t know any young people that are breaking down doors to shop there. The quality is garbage now, the designs are boring, the sizing has always been off. What makes the whole situation even stranger is that Ed was let off the hook with a simple apology while their female CEO was forced to resign days later. So goodbye and good riddance Victoria’s Secret. A new CEO won’t save you if you insist on employing idiots! Women are needed to market, sell to, and design for women. Especially in the intimates market. I’m not calling for a boycott because that would insinuate that someone still shopped there in the first place. We’re good love, enjoy.


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