Ward 5 ANC5A


The Advisory Neighborhood Commission serves all the Ward communities of Washington, DC. Ward 5, which is the largest Ward in Washington, DC has 5 different commissions. Each commission represent a boundary of 2000 residents and the decisions of that commission are based on a majority rule.

ANC5A serves the communities of Brookland, Fort Lincoln, Fort Totten, Lamond-Riggs, Michigan Park and North Michigan Park. The commission votes on all resolutions that pertain to those particular neighborhoods. The offices held consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Corresponding and Recording Secretary, Parliamentarian and 2 other commissioners.


ANC5A Officers:

Ronnie Edwards (Chair)
Angel Alston (Vice Chair)
Sandi Washington (Treasurer)
Jasmin White (Corresponding and Recording Secretary)
Grace Lewis (Parliamentarian)
Adrian Jordan
Frank Wilds


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