Ward 5 Hidden Treasures

Being the largest ward in the District, it\’s possible that some Ward 5 hidden treasures can go unnoticed. However, luckily for one captivating, cozy, cultured, and vibrant venue; The Museum, residents and creators alike can make their visions come to life.  Located at 2014 Rhode Island Avenue, not too far from the printing shop you won\’t miss The Museum.  Although the event was RSVP, the doors of The Museum were open for fashion lovers, models, artists, designers, and pairing all this with a classic Reebok makes for a perfect blend of styles.


Redline Transit Hat Debut

The Museum is the founded by \”G\” The Future Mogul, and he encourages all creators to bring their creative ideas down to The Museum.  Many celebrities were at The Museum awaiting the debut of the \”Redline transit\” hat along with other clothing apparel for purchase. We had the opportunity to meet various artist and designers who are taking the District to new heights.  If you are in the area, or not in the area, just be sure to add The Museum to your \”to do\” list. You don\’t want to miss this marvelous museum.

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