We\’re Going to Need More Wine – Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is easily one of the most recognizable Black actresses of our time. From Bring It On to Being Mary Jane, she paved a path that took her from scene stealer to leading lady. We’re Going to Need More Wine is an autobiography of her life in and out of the spotlight. At first glance, Gabrielle’s story seems to be one of privilege. Black girl raised in a two-parent household in a predominantly white neighborhood and school who grows up to be a TV and film star. It was quickly revealed that there was so much more beyond the surface.  
I was hooked after the first chapter. One thing I quickly learned about Gabrielle; she. is. funny. Usually women don’t approach divorce or infertility with humor. Gabby does it in a self-deprecating yet relatable way. It’s refreshing to see that even in her moments of strife, she didn’t allow herself to be stuck in grief. My favorite moment in the book was the description of her first husband’s proposal. I found myself laughing out loud on multiple occasions while reading.
Overall, I highly recommend We’re Going to Need More Wine. It is funny and retrospective in a way that most people wouldn’t expect from Gabrielle Union. Her film characters often give off a cold, snobby impression. She plays those roles so well it seems like that’s her actual personality. However, this book reads as if you’re immersed in girl talk with your sophsti-ratchet friend. Someone that can reflect on life lessons with humor and also hip you to the game so you don’t repeat her mistakes. If you choose to read this title, have your bottle ready. You will definitely need more wine.
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