The Wharf DC: A Wonderful Experience

The Fall season has finally arrived!  Such fitting weather for The Wharf DC.  Thursday was the kickoff for The Wharf DC\’s grand opening, after much construction, approval of permits, along with pricing.

The wonderful experience will possibly be most enjoyable by taken the metro transit system or the Water Taxi.  Not only will it save you $17 for two-hours, but you will have more time to dine then walk off your meal.  The Wharf DC is a great getaway from your normal everyday activities in Washington, and it also makes for a great destination trip as well.  It\’s perfect for family outings, date night, and if you just want to a change of scene it is great for that too!

In fact, while you dine overlooking the fire pit and Potomac River, you may even hear the sounds of a live band to add a special touch to your evening or day.

We\’ll tune in and see for yourself how wonderful it is at The Wharf DC.


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