What Does Freedom Mean During the 157th Emancipation Day Celebration?

\"\"What\’s one word we seldom think of, often take for granted, and servicemen and women must protect at all cost to be offered to every citizen of this great nation America? Freedom, is the word.  According to Webster\’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, Freedom means the quality or state of being free as action, or a political right.  Although the meaning appears straight-forward, not many in America were fond of granting freedom to all citizens.  The District celebrated the 157th Emancipation Day on April 13, 2018.  Mayor Bowser, along with community organizations and Administration officials will march to increase awareness around the District\’s progress in advancing civil rights and achieving full democracy through statehood.

It wasn\’t until 1862 with a responsible 5 day delay, where President Abraham Lincoln felt in his heart to grant slaves in the District of Columbia the rights as normal citizens.  That courageous and heart felt act of human compassion and kindness has led to the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves in the Confederate states.  Which later opened up the opportunity to serve as an American serviceman.  Whether freedom was equal to all existing citizens and former slaves among the laws of the land that governed America, would be the ultimate test of the nation\’s fabric.

Freedom is a simple word, but very profound and hold much meaning for American citizens.  Because of the United States Constitution, citizens of the America have certain unalienable rights granted by their creator, and the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution is what grants American citizens the right to be free, starting with expression.  So what does Freedom mean to you during this 157th Emancipation Day celebration in the District?


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