What Happened To Sandra Bland?

The news says
Sandra Bland was driving down the street when all of a sudden she was pulled over by Officer Brian Encina for failing to use her turn signal. The officer told her what happened, and then things got heated when the officer told her to put her cigarette out. She refused and said \”I\’m in my car I can smoke a cigarette\”. He then tries to threaten Sandra by saying \”I will light you up\”. He then grabs Sandra out of the car and takes her away from the dash cam surveillance.

I say
As an African-American teenager this makes me feel very uneasy and weary. It’s almost as if when a police car passes I feel more scared than protected because I have seen the type of things they have done to the people of my race. So, I have to look as if I\’m in tip top shape because if they see a large group of us they would definitely be suspicious and might even call it gang activity and question us.

Twitter says
The officer states that Sandra tried to kick him, but during the video you can hear Sandra saying \”You are about to break my ribs stop you are breaking…\” while being pinned to the ground as shown in a witnesses video. Some people are saying that the video that was released looks edited on the dash cam because there was a slight jump in the footage when she was forced out her car. That\’s where they think something got deleted of more misconduct from the police officer.

I say
Do you think the police would go out their way to protect a fellow officer even if he was in the wrong? I personally do just because of the fact that these police incidents keep occurring and they have done nothing about it. I mean where was this \”police cam\” that they are supposed to be wearing in this incident?

The Internet says
Three days after her arrest Sandra was found dead in her jail cell. The police say that she committed suicide with the trash bag lining and hung herself. But after the autopsy was released CNN news has reported that it shows no damage around her neck, around the esophagus, trachea, or any other internal organs inside her neck. During any other case of hanging you would see some type damage to those organs.

I say
This means that there is no way that she could\’ve hung herself. It\’s not official yet that she didn\’t hang herself but they are definitely leaving something out or covering something up.

The papers say
The police say that there were high amounts of marijuana in her system and as many as thirty cuts on her arms and said she was suffering from depression. But her family states that she was never depressed. There was no medicine that she was taking and was never clinically diagnose. They do not believe that Sandra would ever kill herself. The FBI is treating this matter as a murder case and will proceed with further investigations.

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