What is a best friend?

Best friends are acquired during various stages in life.  The relationship can occur during childhood, during teenage years or at adulthood.  It can occur at any point in your life where you identify the one person who has your best interest at heart and who knows everything about you to the point where you even forget some of those things about yourself.

 A best friend is someone who cherishes and holds all your secrets even when you’re not on good terms. A best friend is someone you can confide in and they always keep it real with you no matter if it\’s good, bad, ugly or even hurtful. Unconditional love is something that not many people in the world have, but it’s the best love ever just to know that there’s someone in this world that loves and cares for you no matter the circumstances.

Today, with social media replacing true friendships; it’s rare to find that genuine love since people are so busy out here playing people that they have no time to even think about how they’re hurting them or affecting their lives. I hope that whenever I get married; it is to my best friend.  Being in a marriage is a serious friendship, you really must love that person with every bone in your body. 

Growing up in a two-parent home, I saw how much love my father showed for my mother. They laughed together, cried together, and would both instantly drop any and everything to tend to something for one another. In my eyes that is a best friend.

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